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Founded in 2002, zBoost, www.zBoost.com, is the leader in consumer and commercial cell phone signal booster kits. They develop, manufacture and distribute zBoost®, a cell phone signal booster line of products for the home, office or car. The zBoost product line will Extend Cell Zones® for users by improving signal strength for better voice and data transmission while maintaining the integrity of the carriers’ networks using patented technology. In early 2006, zBoost was recognized as one of Georgia’s top 10 Innovative Companies. They were selected by the 2007 and 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES®) as a Design and Engineering Awards honoree and a finalist for the CTIA Emerging Technologies (E-Tech Award at CTIA WIRELESS 2007, 2009 and 2013 for the Hardware - Mobile Accessory category). In 2012, zBoost received CEPRO Best award and CustomRetailer’s Excite Award for having one of the best products available to the industry. In 2014, the zBoost TRIO SOHO was named by Electronic House as a Product of the Year in the Household Enhancements Accessories Area.
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USD 89.99
Price:USD 84.99
This zBoost Mobile1 in-vehicle cell phone signal booster extends an in-vehicle cell zone (phone must be in the cradle). The dual band booster captures the signal while you are driving and amplifies it for a stronger signal inside.
USD 299.90
Price:USD 209.00
This ZB540 zBoost Metro comes with a Window Mounted Antenna! Do not Need a Vertical Separation! Very Thin RG59-Mini Cable can Go Straight thru an edge of a Window! Very Similar to the ZB510. Model: ZB540 | SKU: 854584003564
USD 349.90
Price:USD 249.00
This cell phone booster is ideal for smaller homes and offices. Set-up is simple and easy, takes minutes, and boost for stronger voice and 3G data (Note: iDEN, Nextel, and 4G Data coverage will not be improved.) This booster can be hidden away and covers areas up to 2,500 square feet. Model: ZB545 | SKU: 854584003489
USD 399.90
Price:USD 299.00
zBoost SOHO Max 3G-Voice Cell Signal Booster For 3500 Sq Ft (ZB545M) Model: ZB545M | SKU: 854584003595
USD 399.90
Price:USD 299.00
zBoost ZB545X SOHO 3G - Voice Cell Booster Kit Up to 5500 sq ft (ZB545X-PCS/CEL) Model: ZB545X | SKU: 854584003618
USD 399.90
Price:USD 349.99
zBoost ZB575-A Trio SOHO Tri-band ATT 4G cell phone signal booster covering up to 2500 sq. ft. (ZB575-A) Model: ZB575-A | SKU: 854584003786
USD 499.90
Price:USD 449.99
zBoost ZB575X-A Trio SOHO Tri-band ATT 4G cell phone signal booster covering up to 5500 sq. ft. Ideal for large house or building(ZB575X-A) Model: ZB575X-A | SKU: 854584003847
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