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Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Solutions

Distributed Antenna Systems

Cellular Distributed Antenna System (DAS) combined with In-Building communication enhancement systems (Cell phone signal booster) are used to improve the signals in areas where RF penetration from standard external base stations hard to reach their mobile systems (phones and computers), for example in areas below ground level, subway stations, tunnels, basement, office with metal roofs or deep inside buildings. EXCEL WIRELESS  provides the solutions to extend the signal services from WiFi to Cellular, CAT5/6 and optical fiber, Ethernet switches/router, WiFi repeaters to Wireless communications antennas.

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

Excel-wireless' highly-skilled RF engineers will design systems that provide maximum coverage and capacity at very cost effective way within commercial buildings, tunnels and stadiums, to meet the relevant standards for wireless network performance. Our engineers understand the complexity of these systems and can provide the most cost-effective solution, without compromising on coverage and performance. We have designed and constructed systems that have included mobile and enterprise wireless technologies with some projects including a combined solution of mobile and other technologies such as WiFi and security.

Excel-wireless’ qualified installers ensure the system is installed with minimum disruption to occupants and visitors to the building. Once completed, Excel-wireless undertakes comprehensive testing of the system to ensure it meets the client’s requirements and provides good-quality network access.

During the past 3 years Excel-Wireless has designed and installed more than 50 customised In-Building Coverage (IBC) solutions for China, East Asia and USA mobile operators.

We have designed and deployed wireless networks in commercial offices, apartments, mine sites, stadiums, hospitals, airports, high speed rail ways and other facilities. 

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